Iris dardanus

Adam Fikso
Mon, 01 Nov 2010 15:18:44 PDT
Bob.  re Dardanus in this area. Plant in the grittiest fastest-draining soil 
you have with no more than 2% humus.  Fertilize only wtih liquid fertilizer, 
low nitrogen.  Check further at the Aril Society's website.  A raised bed is 
in order or a slope.  You can use peat in the top 6 inches as Henry 
Danielson used  to-- who was very successful with them.Be sure to pprotect 
against iris borer along about April 6.  Regards, Adam

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>I have purchased some "bulbs" of Iris dardanus thinking that they were like 
>other Dutch Iris that I have planted.  When I opened the brown paper bag 
>they came in I realized that these resemble more of a typical bearded Iris 
>rhizome, which I would plant nearly on the surface.  Can someone tell me 
>how these should be planted?  On the surface or not?  If not, how deep?  I 
>assume the rhizome should be planted horizontal to the surface like a 
>bearded iris.  The packaging said full or partial sun.  What I have since 
>read suggests the more sun the better and that they like to bake in the 
>summer sun.
> Cultivation pointers appreciated.
> Bob Hoel
> Chicago area
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