Tritonia hybridizing OT

Alberto Castillo
Mon, 01 Nov 2010 11:49:22 PDT
Dear all:
              This is OT but I wanted to bring your attention to this. It has been mentioned in the wiki in the past but it seems to be more problematic than previously thought of. 
                Winter growing Tritonias are mostly easy to flower, dependable cormous plants that are in bloom at the end of the season (except for one or two spp.) when most other SA winter growers are setting seed or already dormant. We grow here several species and they are lovely and undemanding. BUT, recently a large batch of Tritonia dubia seed has flowered and what a mess it is. They were seed from our own Tritonia dubia, therefore no doubt about the origin of the parent plants. Very few look like pure dubia, many superficially resemble deusta and yet others look like crocata in several shades of deep salmon and scarlet orange. All are great garden plants and flower freely even tho this is their first season but it is evident a lot of care must be take to ensure that the seed is pure. As it goes it seems the bees have stirred it up a good deal and our aim is to distribute pure species not a swarm of hybrids, pretty as they may be. 

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