dry winter protection

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On this topic--  I've used 16  x 48 styrofoam panels held in place by bricks 
to grow oncocyclus species and tender hybrids outdoors .  To protect them 
from untimely snow melt and summer rain.  I've pied ssandonthem covering the 
rhizomes, then laying the styrofoam on them with bricks,, taking it off at 
about April 4 here in the Chicago area.  For small areas one can cut the 
foam witth a sharp knife and it works as well even if only 3-4 inches 
overlaps the outside margin of the plant.  It can be saved and reused for 
years if one is careful and doesn't let it get too broken up.

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> I usually protect the bed that has my cactus, agave, and summer rainfall 
> african bulbs with a little bit of mulch and a large tarp to keep the soil 
> dry all winter.  I'd like to avoid the mulch since its a mess to clean up 
> in the spring.  I ran across a roll of Reflectix insulation at a local 
> lumber store that looks like it could be a good solution.  Its about 3/8" 
> thick aluminized bubble plastic. Has anyone used this material to protect 
> a bed and if so is it sufficiently UV resistant to last a few winters?
> Thanks!
> Phil Andrews
> Southern Michigan, Zone 5ish
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