Neomarica northiana

Jane McGary
Tue, 19 Oct 2010 10:12:01 PDT
This question was posted to the PBS website today. I hope someone who 
knows about the genus Neomarica can help Helen Schultz. You can post 
your message to this forum and I will forward it to her.

Jane McGary

>Subject: PBS website contact:///Neomarica/ northiana
>From: Helen Schultz <>
>This is a message from the PBS website for janemcgary.
>After a long search I found the name of this amzing plant that was 
>given to me by a friend.I would like to know if the crystals on the 
>flowers appears in all the species. I do not see them in any of the photo\'s.
>I do not know if I can send a photo there-of. I stay in South Africa 
>and cannot become a paid member of your Society.
>Enjoy your gardening - and this wonderfull site.
>Helen Schultz

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