Arthropodium cirrhatum

Paul Trownson
Sat, 23 Oct 2010 00:02:34 PDT
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Subject: Re: [pbs] Arthropodium cirrhatum

> Mary Sue,
> Would you ever have seed from your Arthropodium plants to share? In 
> keeping with Tony's philosophy, I am quite willing to try to kill  this 
> again.
> Arthropodium is a  bloody weed here .providing  that i can hang  onuntill 
> theseed is  ripe i can send youall that you could wish for.Unfortuatly i 
> have inoperable cancer of  the liver  so it is a race against time ,But 
> send me your adress  and cross your fingers
> Kathleen
> SW Washington on the coast, with storm 2 about to arrive
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