Taxonomic chaos

Nolo Contendere
Fri, 08 Oct 2010 19:22:01 PDT

I have a new Ph.D student from Chile named Nicolás Garcia, who is 
working on the Hippeastreae, molecular and morphological studies, using 
many different genes.  I think you can expect an accurate generic 
circumscription of this group in the years to come.  "That certain 
someone" (he who shall remain nameless) has made a mess of what used to 
be Rhodophiala and Zephyranthes.  So far, we can safely say 1) 
Rhodolirion is a good genus and is more cloesly related to Placea and 
Phycella than Rhodophiala sensu stricto.  Rhodoliron include R. montanum 
( syn. Rhodophiala rhodolirion), R. laetum, and some others.  2) the 
core Rhodophiala from Chile are monophyletic and are closely related to 
Famatina (which will probably be submerged in Rhodophiala).


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