Manfreda sp comonfort

kuang huang
Thu, 30 Sep 2010 22:15:54 PDT

Hi Aaron, I am located in Orange County, Southern California. Yes, I was 
wondering it should flower soon after 3 years, however I suspect to put them in 
8 inches community pot from the beginning was no good for them to flower. There 
were other  in the smaller  individual pot,and the plants were not that big, 
hopefully some of them will flower next year, by then I will show you the 
flower. I also have few plants that are leopard Manfreda (bought the seeds from 
Strange Wonderful Things) These red dots on the leaves are not so obvious, but 
they are nice looking compare to M. scabra.

Best regards,


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 B&T likely got theirs from Mesa anyway, so the location should be the same. No 
matter, I would not hesitate calling your plant M. scabra for the time being. 
When it flowers key it out. I believe Shinners treatment for Polianthes 
(=Manfreda) or one of the Mexican flora's are online, though slightly outdated. 

 Where are you located? After three years I would expect flowers if potted on 
twice in their first year and then planted out or into 1 gallon containers. 
Polianthes are another matter.

 Knoxville, Tennessee

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From: kuang huang <>
Subject: Re: [pbs] Manfreda sp comonfort
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Date: Thursday, September 30, 2010, 1:22 PM

Aaron, the seeds were not from B&T World, I just found out it was Mesa Garden 
that I got the seeds from. When I look over their seed catalog, there weren't 
any Manfreda seeds. Since I bought the seeds in 2007, perhaps the seeds are all 
sold out.




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