Bulbs in mass, was Blue Bells vs. Lycoris

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Mon, 18 Oct 2010 08:32:56 PDT

I too was amazed by the new Lycoris photos on the wiki from Mari 
Kitama, added by David Pilling. Jim's post made me remember all the 
massed blooms I've seen in the wild. I suspect the ones in Japan were 
planted. Perhaps she can tell us about them. It made me think it 
might be fun to have a wiki page showing some of our images of bulbs 
massed we have photographed in the wild. I have memories firmly 
established in my mind of ones I've seen in South Africa:
Romulea sabulosa, Romulea diversiformis, Romulea kombergensis, Oxalis 
obtusa, Moraea miniata, Daubenya aurea, Bulbinella latifolia, 
Lapeirousia silenoides, Oxalis namaquana, Geissorhiza splendidissima, 
Hesperantha vaginata, Geissorhiza radians to name just a few.

Our first trip to South Africa happened to be in a really good year 
(meaning abundant rainfall at the right time) and the day we went to 
Nieuwoudtville I remember saying to my husband would have been worth 
the whole trip because of the amazing displays of flowers in bloom. I 
don't think the scanned images of our slides quite captured what we 
saw. The limits of the wiki on file size also means that none of the 
pictures on the wiki can quite capture what it is like to see a whole 
field of flowers in bloom either. Seeing Hyacinthoides non-scripta 
turning hillsides and fields blue while hiking in the Lake District 
and Scotland was quite wonderful as well.

Mary Sue

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