Jim McKenney
Thu, 21 Oct 2010 09:20:39 PDT
In a small town I frequently visit in western Virginia, up in the Valley of
Virginia between the mountains (and thus elevated), I've seen two gardens
with impressive Zantedeschia plantings. In one garden there are huge (up to
about 4' tall) plants, some with white spathes and some with yellow spathes;
with them are some shorter (but not much shorter) pink-spathed forms.  


In another garden there is a really impressive planting roughly two yards
square (i.e. four square yards)  of one of the orange-red cultivars ('Flame'
maybe). This is something to see when lots of plants are blooming. 


Both of these plantings are out in the open with no protection from nearby
buildings, fully exposed to the elements. And I've never notice any effort
to protect the plants in the winter. 


I think this is solid zone 6 country. 


JIm McKenney




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