Subject: Re: several questions as I am new to the list

James Waddick
Wed, 06 Oct 2010 11:18:24 PDT
>Although I silently noted the offer of 'Lucifer' as something to 
>look forward to, I have recently been digging out clumps of 
>Ornithogalum umbellatum from my lawn. ............  Should I send 
>them to Dell?  Is there really anyone out there who's hankering for 
>O. umbellatum?  A single yes, and I'll send them in (unsmooshed) for 

Dear Jon,

	Good Q.  Here on my acre this is not a weed, but it did 
appear a few years ago probably brought in with something else. I 
grow a couple other O species and these are also NOT weeds.

	That said... when I lived in mid-town KC it was a weed. I 
suppose there are places where it is not a weed and it certainly can 
be a nice clump.

	Before going under the tires, ask Dell.  I sort of think it 
should be offered with ample qualifications, warns, red flashing 
lights etc.

	The w. coasters complain about Alliu triquetum (sp?) and I 
can't grow it here. Quite nice, but no one donates it.

	Time to drag Adeniums in as the temps drop into the 40s. Stay 
well.	Best	Jim W.
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