several questions as I am new to the list

Robert Blomquist
Tue, 05 Oct 2010 16:10:26 PDT
About PBX exchanges, I have a ton of Crocosmia "Lucifer" is that too
pedestrian for PBX? Ledebouria socialis? Various Tulip hybrids? I have
seen a few PBX and most were species I have no know knowledge of.

Secondly in terms of lighting what do Hippestrum like? North window? I
have none. Blocked southern exposure?  Middle of the house? I have
been keeping Hippeastrum reticulatum var. striatifolium there and it
does not seem happy so I put it on the sill with a NW exposure, which
is usually dappled light.

The reason I ask is that my wife would love to have some plants that
were more away from the windows, and I thought these fit that bill.

I come from a Cactus-Succulent-Caucidiform background, but I started
to find bulbs interesting and am trying to get some unique ones going
in my yard. I just learned about Marah oreganus, and have been
feverishly to locate specimens to get seeds off next year. I would
love to have the caudex showing in my yard with the vines growing onto
my deck.

Mounlake Terrace, WA USDA 7b/8a depending on how I squint.

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