Sparaxis villosa, try again

kuang huang
Fri, 01 Oct 2010 22:57:19 PDT
Hi all, sorry, here is the link again. This time is for public.…

This should work now


From: Ina <>
To: Pacific Bulb Society <>
Sent: Fri, October 1, 2010 11:29:48 AM
Subject: Re: [pbs] Sparaxis villosa

  Andy, you have the settings on private for this photo, it needs to be 
set to public.

Ina Crossley :-(

On 8:59 a.m., kuang huang wrote:
> I have these wonderful plants that show small flower every year. Since they 
> out a lots of seeds and easy to grow, are they belong to invasive plant? Here 
> the photo I took late April. Please let me know if you can't see the picture.
> Andy


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