Bulbs in mass, was Blue Bells vs. Lycoris

mari rebunmomo@yahoo.co.jp
Wed, 20 Oct 2010 00:21:05 PDT

My photos of the first 2 were taken in Kinchakuda and the
last one in Gongendo.
Kinchakuda is a round shape and flat field surrounded by
the Koma river.
It was originally a natural habitat of Lycoris radiata
with other plants.
About 20 years ago people removed other plants to grow 
only Lycoris. 
It is said there are more than one million bulbs of
lycoris now.

Gongendo was made as a bank to prevent from a flood of the
Gongen river about 430 years ago.
It was not a natural habitat of Lycoris and they were
beginning to be planted about 10 years ago.

Mari Kitama

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