The bulbs which perennialize

Ton Wijnen
Sat, 02 Oct 2010 07:24:11 PDT

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Onderwerp: Re: [pbs] The bulbs which perennialize

What Kathy is requesting is a little different from what Jim is suggesting.
She needs 300 bulbs that will work for her, not 300 that will work in
different parts of the world without reference as to whether they would work
in her part of it, namely the 8-9 Climate Zones, as I understand the
request. Perhaps 30 members in that area could send in the 10 most perennial

San Diego (Zone ~10)

Kathy wrote:
>	What I really want is 300 different varieties of bulbs guaranteed to
flower reliably, multiply moderately, and live forever with no effort on my
part.  If anyone can provide that I might even buy the bridge, as well.

	This sounds perfectly reasonable if.... 30 group members from 30
different parts of the US/World list the 10 bulbs that most commonly
survive, bloom and multiply with little effort. These need not be in each
member's own garden, but bulbs from the roadside or old homesteads. These
may not be the 'best'. For example Hemerocallis fulva is one of the most
perennial of bulbous plants. It grows in ditches, road sides, abandoned
places etc. I wouldn't grow it, but it is certainly care free. (snip...)

	Can 30 members from the wide area of PBS each name 10 most perennial
species? I volunteer to work on the KC Metro/ Heartland climate.

		Best		Jim W.

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