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Hello Rachel,
We are serious thnking abaout participatin  this time again.

If you have not yet paid your subscription for 2010, you can email your 
credit card details and permission to debit it for the outstanding amount to 
Rachel Saunders of Silverhill Seeds. Rachel will then pay the amount into 
the IBSA account.

Here is my credit card details


Please debit my account  for membership 2010

Kind regards

Lauw de Jager


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Bulb Symposium in August and September 2011.  The Symposium will take place 
the 28th August to the 2nd September at Goudini Spa (a hot water spring) 
near Worcester (about 100km from Cape Town).  During the first 2 days of the 

Symposium there will be lectures on a wide range of subjects including the 
taxonomy of Freesias by John Manning, Bulbs of the Little Karoo by Dee 
Snijman, botanical art by Vicki Thomas, Amaryllids by Alan Horstmann, 
Iridaceae by Rod Saunders, and many more. There will also be a display table 

showing pots of bulbous and cormous plants grown by IBSA members.  There 
will be a discussion of these plants during the Symposium.  The next 3 days 
will be dedicated to field trips to the surrounding areas to see some of the 

plants discussed, in their natural habitats.  Attendance at the Symposium is 

not restricted to IBSA members.

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