Modifying flats

Roy Herold
Sat, 09 Oct 2010 10:05:27 PDT

I prefer to use ordinary window screen, not only for flats but to place 
inside the bottom of the Anderson band pots to keep the soil from 
falling out. Bulbs seem to love the band pots with screen in the bottom 
as it improves drainage, and it gives some air circulation to the bottom 
of the potting mix without letting it dry out too quickly. And it's nice 
to look at all the happy little roots coming out through the screen.

Screening is cheap if you buy it, or no cost if you salvage old screens 
from the dump like I do. And it lasts forever.

Might not be suitable for your kitchen requirement, however, but we're 
here to grow bulbs...


NW of Boston
First frost predicted for tonite
Massonia pygmaea is blooming, along with lots of oxalis

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