Eustephieae tribe

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 10 Oct 2010 08:49:15 PDT
Thanks to Alan Meerow for providing more information about 
Pyrolirion. I've added the tribe information to the wiki for the 
members of the tribe, Eustephieae, which besides Pyrolirion also 
includes Chlidanthus, Eustephia, and Hieronymiella. If you take a 
look at these different genera you will find that although they are 
sisters, they don't look alike. In fact many of the species we have 
pictured on the wiki look more like other genera in the 
Amaryllidaceae family. This no doubt adds to the confusion when these 
plants are first seen and may explain why the Pyrolirion species 
Alessandro added to the wiki has been called Cooperia and 
Zephyranthes and why this genus has been described as being related 
to Habranthus. You can access these genera on the wiki to see what I 
mean from the Pyrolirion wiki page. Open each in another tab (in 
Windows, hold down the control key when you click on the link to the 
next genus). It is no doubt done differently with a Mac. Then just 
click on each tab one by one in each tab to look at the pictures. 
Since we just have one species illustrated for each of the four this 
is easy to do.…

Mary Sue

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