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Hello Uli:
Thanks for your reply.

Though there are seems some tropical geophytes, but the commercially 
available varieties are most derived from the tropical highlands and 
still grown and breed in the temperate countries. 
Most the common Hippeastrum, Ismene,Hymenocallis, Crinum, Gloriosa, 
Amorphophallus, Begonia, Gesneriads varieties bloom not reliably after 
first year and still be treated as annual pot plant.
(Even the famous Phalaenopsis varieties of Taiwan, most are still 
cultivated in the cool house which remain below 30 degree C in our long 
summer, and need to be moved to the mountains in Autumn for chilling 
requirement for the Chinese New Year market)
Hippeastrum: There are 1-2 species which cloud be perennial in Taiwan for 
long years, but most varieties are not blooming reliably after the first 
year. (Some nurseries in the hills do have better flower.)
Ismene: Seldom bloom and even shrink by years.
hymenocallis:///There/ are 1-2 evergreen species which cloud be perennial in 
Taiwan for long years but less common that the 1-2 species of 
Hippeastrum. The others Seldom bloom.
crinum:///There/ are 1-2 evergreen species which common in Taiwan (1 should 
have naturally distributed in Taiwan), 1-2varieties seems also bloom well.
Gloriosa: They perform better during the rainy summer, but not hot and 
sunny summer days, but easily broken by typhoon.
Amorphophallus: There are some natural species in Taiwan. But most are in 
the mountains.
Begonia: The tuber varieties are not common as annual pot plant in Taiwan, 
even Rieger Begonia are easier to see, but still as a annual pot plant.
Gesneriads: Only the Gloxinia varieties easier to be seen in the market. 
But less and less common. But most people doesn't get them wake after 

And the species truly from the tropical lower-land are not easy to be 
imported, because there are too many pests share the same host with them 
and our crop.

Though I also interested in the aquatic bulbs, but won't try. Because there 
are still some disease would cause by the Mosquito that threaten Taiwan 
even all year, and there are no free running water such as a river going 
through near my house for using.

Fierycloud, Taiwan

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> Why do you gardeners from hot climates complain? If I were in your
> climates...... I would dream to plant all sorts of Hippeastrum, Ismene,
> Hymenocallis, Crinum, Gloriosa, Amorphophallus, Begonia, Gesneriads to
> name but a few..... What about the tuberous blue tropical waterlilies
> that go dormant in winter but hate our cool summers? 
> Greetings from a colourful late summer/early autumn in my garden (Nerine
> in pots in flower)
> Uli

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