prolonged bloom in autumn crocus

Jim McKenney
Fri, 29 Oct 2010 13:00:51 PDT
The autumn crocus season continues here in Maryland. In bloom today, among
others,  are Crocus serotinus salzmannii and  Crocus pulchellus


Here’s something which interests me about these autumn crocuses: some come
into bloom suddenly, all at once, and that’s all you get so-to-speak. Others
trickle in flowers over a period of weeks. For instance, Crocus thomasii and
Crocus cartwrightianus have  been in bloom off and on since early October –
and it seems to be the  same plants which are putting up one flower after


Because crocus flowers are so easily damaged by rain – an ill timed rain can
wipe out the annual display of some species overnight -  the adaptive
significance of producing flowers over a long season is obvious. 


It seems to me that for decorative purposes, these long bloomers are much to
be desired. But which species are best in this respect?


What have others observed about this? Can anyone recommend other species
notable in this respect? 



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