help with a name

Thu, 07 Oct 2010 12:20:44 PDT
i heard that there's a botanist that is quite prolific at describing "new" species of amaryllids, even when they are just variants of the same species.  i guess he just likes to see his name published.

it reminds me of how biologists need to be careful in using external characteristics to differentiate taxa, such as color.  or in erecting new genera with a descriptive that may not apply to all species.  for example, the fish Melanotaenia, a common aquaria subject.  meaning "black stripe", it doesn't apply to all species in the genus.

tsuh yang

> Creating a new genus for a
> different color is ridiculous. As things are, Pyrolirion is
> a valid genus separated from Zephyranthes/Cooperia/Haylockia
> and Habranthus.


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