The bulbs which perennialize

Thu, 30 Sep 2010 21:35:15 PDT
Hello Kathy:
Thanks for your reply.

The chilling hours are also the limit factor in Taiwan.

I think that the storage and dormant environment of the bulbs during the 
selling and tranportng period affects a lot.
1-2 species tulipa do perenialize in some people's pot on the top floor of 
his house in the plain area in Taiwan, I have also tried to buy some 
species, but even not sprout. (I have cut some in half. the bulb is fresh 
and healthy.)

I'm also wonder that where could let the most bulbs natulaized well in the 
same field freely.
Maybe the place which have the climate which is closer to the diversity 
origin of each bulbs could be.
Among the members, what is the most numbers of species of bulbs are grown 
in the same field ?

Fierycloud, Taiwan

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