Early results of crossing Amaryllis and B. marginata

Michael Mace michaelcmace@gmail.com
Thu, 14 Oct 2010 20:48:54 PDT
I did some experiments this fall on crossing Brunsvigia marginata with other
amaryllids.  Here's what I found:


--Pollination of B. marginata with Nerine sarniensis pollen produced no
seeds.  I tried several crosses, and all failed completely.


--Self-pollination also failed completely.  Other folks have reported that
the species is not self-fertile, so this is not a big surprise.


--Pollination of B. marginata with pollen from various Amaryllis hybrids
from Les Hannibal was successful in every case.  I'm getting 2-10 seeds per
floret.  The seeds generally range in size from a pea down to a quarter of a
pea, and are green with maroon speckling.  The seeds turn solid maroon/brown
within a couple of days when they are planted out on the surface of the


A minority of the seeds in several capsules are smaller, and colored white
with maroon specks.  I don't know if these are unhealthy seeds, or an
indication of a different sort of cross.


If anyone is interested in seeing a photo, let me know.


Any words of wisdom from the Amaryllid experts?  Are "normal" B. marginata
seeds green with maroon speckles?






PS:  I also made some crosses of B. marginata pollen on Amaryllis.  Still
waiting for those pods to mature.  Some failed, and some appear to have
something growing in them...

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