Bulbs from Argentina

AW awilson@avonia.com
Sun, 10 Oct 2010 19:59:47 PDT

First, thanks for the Hippeastrum ID. Not being very familiar with the
species (and not yet in the wiki) I looked it up and found it reported as
appearing in Cochabamba Province, Bolivia. Where I saw it was somewhat
further south. But, one should not be surprised by that in the Andes.  

Second, on the Zephyranthes. How were you able to see that image?  It was
not meant to show! Both it and the Begonia were just part of my sorting
file. I suspect it's the result of using a Flickr address that extended on
to the second line. The full address would only have shown the Hipp in full
size. My apologies to others.

Anyhow, regarding the Zephyrantes andina, as you identified it, does that
mean that Haycockia andina is now gone?

It will take me some time to come to grips with some of these south American


That looks like Zephyranthes andina.  And the Hippeastrum could be
/Hippeastrum chionedyanthum/, one of several long-tubed white-flowered
Hippeastrum that differ in habitat but are very difficult to discern as
different otherwise.


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