Banana leaf canna nomenclature question

Jim McKenney
Sat, 30 Oct 2010 16:32:40 PDT
I had a chance to talk cannas today, and came home with a plant of one of
the so-called banana-leaf cannas. Many modern references give the name of
this as ‘musifolia’. That got me thinking: since this is an old (nineteenth
century) cultivar, I was pretty sure that the name had originally been
spelled musaefolia. For purposes of this discussion. let’s assume that that
is true. 


If this were a species canna, the change from musaefolia to musifolia would
be in accordance with the current international rules for botanical


But this is not a species, it’s a cultivar or hybrid. That being the case,
can we retain the original spelling musaefolia? Can some one with access to
the rules for cultivated plants let me know? 


Also, the wiki states that cannas were not brought into cultivation until
the early nineteenth century. We might quibble about what “brought into
cultivation” means, but this much is known: Clusius saw them planted near
house walls in Spain and Portugal (probably during his travels in the
sixteenth century) and Parkinson (early seventeenth century 1629) describes
two forms, one red-flowered  and one yellow-flowered, which had bloomed in
English gardens of his time. We need to fix that. 


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