Brunsvigia bosmaniae in New England

Matt Mattus
Mon, 27 Sep 2010 19:05:26 PDT
Thanks, actually, our honey bees seem to be doing a good job. Isn't this
plant pollinated by night moths in situ? Should I get my paintbrush out? It
seems like it is forming pods.

On that note, my Nerine falcata which bloomed about a month and a half ago
had loads on seed about a week ago, all shiny and plump. Yesterday they were
all gone. I think a bird ate them, or maybe one of our Chinese pheasants had
a snack. Sadly, only one was left.

Might as well mention what's happening with my Nerine sarniensis and
crosses. It's very strange, I abused my Nerine sarniensis last year (
letting them almost freeze one cold night in December when our furnace died,
and then hardly fertilizing them at all, as well as letting them dry off
earlier than normal,  exactly 90% of my collection is blooming ( 90 out of
100 bulbs) and three have double buds (two from the same bulb) which I have
never seen happen before. Also, they look as if they will all bloom at the
same time. Even the bulbs I never finished repotting, which are sitting out
on the bench have buds.

Something is up. They must know that I am bored with them, and have been
promising that "this is my last year growing Nerine sarniensis".

Matt Mattus
Worcester MA. USA
Zone 5b

On 9/27/10 9:54 PM, "Ken" <> wrote:

> Congratulations, Matt !
> Great photos.  I assume you will play bumblebee!
> Ken
> San Diego
> --- On Mon, 9/27/10, Matt Mattus <> wrote:
> Just sharing some images of the first bloom I've had on a Brunsvigia
> bosmaniae, which is blooming in a pot. This is its first bloom, and I am
> wondering if this will get larger every year, or is this a bulb that will
> bloom every ten years or so? ( please don't tell me that!).
> I've had the bulb for about 8 years, and purchased it from Paul Christian ....
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