Brunsvigia bosmaniae in New England

Matt Mattus
Mon, 27 Sep 2010 18:47:11 PDT
Just sharing some images of the first bloom I've had on a Brunsvigia
bosmaniae, which is blooming in a pot. This is its first bloom, and I am
wondering if this will get larger every year, or is this a bulb that will
bloom every ten years or so? ( please don't tell me that!).

I've had the bulb for about 8 years, and purchased it from Paul Christian.
It is growing in a mixture of roughly equal parts sharp builders sand,
pumice, granite gravel and garden loam ( not sterilized). It was repotted
about a month ago into a 24 inch diameter clay pot. It spends its winter
sitting on a very damp damp sand bed in the greenhouse where it receives
about 6 hours of winter sunlight through single pane glass. ( it's in my
sunniest corner in the winter). Around September 1, I move the dormant bulb
outdoors so that it can get a taste of the first autumn rains, and it
remains outdoors until frost arrives around Oct 15, when it is returned to
the greenhouse.

Matt Mattus
Worcester, MA USA
Zone 5b

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