Pelargonium triste

Thu, 23 Sep 2010 09:15:09 PDT
Pelargoniums can be coaxed and held for many years in bonsai-like
containers. If you want to contnue that practice you will need, every few
years, to unpot them and perform, much as it may pain you, some root
surgery. Your specimen looks quite healthy but the leaf size is out of
character for a bonsai-like specimen. A hard core bonsai person (I am not)
would do that. If, as it seems, you are not one either, them you should
still unpot the plant, trim some of the tangled roots and plant in a wider
based container. The soil depth could also be increased. But, no, you should
not have to cover up the roots at this stage, for they have grown accustomed
to exposure. The plant will grow and, with combination of the root pruning
and increased growth the size ratio of leaf to plant will look better. Not
true bonsai, but there you are!

San Diego

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I purchased this plant not long ago, and think it was put in the bonsai pot
for sale only. Now I am losing the 2 lower leaves, and am thinking about
repotting to a pot with the tuber completely covered for better growth.…

What do you guys think?

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