Encouraging reluctant Crinum into growth

Tom Mitchell tom@evolution-plants.com
Fri, 03 Sep 2010 22:20:13 PDT
I have a few flowering sized bulbs of Crinum delagoense from coastal  
southern Mozambique, where they grow in pure sand, often growing and  
blooming well after fires. Summer growers of course. I also have a  
few young seedlings, grown from seed from the same source. Whereas  
the seedlings are doing fine the mature bulbs are sulking and  
refusing to put up leaves. Any suggestions how to encourage them into  
growth? I thought maybe bottom heat on a warm bench (air temperatures  
rarely rise above 25 degrees C here - sorry if you're sweating  
through a mid west summer)? Or should I give up for this season and  
let the pots get completely dry? If so, would some kind of smoke  
treatment be worth trying? Knowing me I'd burn the greenhouse down  
attempting this, so further tips would be appreciated.

Wiltshire, England, Zone 8 

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