slug and snail deterrent

Kathleen Sayce
Sat, 18 Sep 2010 11:04:27 PDT
I use copper tape for pots, sometimes several layers. It does need to  
be cleaned off periodically (vinegar or lemon works well, followed by  
rinsing), as does copper foil.  This seems to keep those pesky  
herbivores off my tender lily seedlings, and others when fresh. Dust,  
salts and oxidation can build up to the point that slugs can cross  
the tape, so keep it clean.

Out in the garden, I use coffee grounds topped with sluggo, and other  
slug baits of all kinds. They all loose potency with rain, so  
constant vigilance is required.
Ducks also do a good job of eating slugs and snails, if you are into  
backyard poultry and don't mind losing the occasional plant. I prefer  
my ducks at a distance, or roasted.


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