old narcissus i.d. request

Colin Caissie cscmachinedesign@hotmail.com
Fri, 10 Sep 2010 06:38:17 PDT
Greetings Pacific Bulb Society Members:
I am new to the list.  I have been cultivating several narcissus for commercial production that I had inherited from an old gardener, and have one that defies identification so far. I will furnish a photo on request.  It is a narrow petaled pale yellow, giving it a delicate star appearance, with darker small cup. Mid-season growth, it naturalizes well, and has survived Zone 5 Maine winters for decades.  She simply called them "stars".  I call it "Sarah's Star", and it is being offered through Fedco Bulbs under that name.  
This narcissus was originally from a garden in Brookline, Mass, and had been previously pilfered from an old planting to save it during demolition of the buildings and gardens.  It came to Maine with Sarah sometime in the 40's, and may date to the early 1900's in its original plantings.  I understand that some of the earlier varieties are becoming popular, and this one is certainly gaining interest.
How can I post or send a photograph to assist in identification?
Colin S. Caissie 		 	   		  

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