Hardy gloxiniamow Soil ph

Adam Fikso adam14113@ameritech.net
Wed, 01 Sep 2010 19:03:59 PDT
Thanks for the tip on iron.  They do grow side by side.

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> Adam,
> Your tree peonies want the soil to be slightly alkaline.  We apply lime 
> twice each year (and ash from the fire continuously).  The chlorosis would 
> suggest that you need to add iron (iron chelates).
> Your azaleas, like camellias and rhododendrons however want a lower ph (by 
> preferably 1-2 units).
> Cheers,
> GregRuckert
> Nairne,
> South Australia
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>>I wonder if I should do the same.  A few of my tree peonies show some 
>>chlorosis in the last two years. .  However, most plants, including 
>>azaleas do very well. I'm puzzled.  And Lycoris have done especially well 
>>this year, seed pods on al including squamigera (which may be balloons, 
>>even if they're bigger than usual by different species).
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