Justin Smith
Sun, 05 Sep 2010 13:59:09 PDT
Hi All,
Maybe I need to get some seed of the commercial form. They are certanily spectacular when in bloom. My large one does stay in the ground year round. Though it does not multiply quickly. It might be just a bit wet here in the winter. One or two always seem to manage to survive. My particular location is part bog so when I say it is wet I mean water seeps out of the ground in most of my back yard during the winter months. Though in my front yard it is much drier. I have a "Plough-breaker" Erythrina zeyheri out front though not really a bulb it does have a big underground root thingie. I am in hopes of blooms next year, it has grown quite large this year. 
> Justin, I would not be surprised if for you they would thrive in the open
> garden. 

> Justin, the big commercial form of Gloriosa (perhaps the one known as
> rothschildiana) set seed freely here – maybe you need more hummingbirds!
> The seed capsules are several inches long and about an inch wide; the seeds
> are bright red, about the size of a sweet pea seed and hard. 
> Jim McKenney

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