slug and snail deterrent
Sat, 18 Sep 2010 12:19:48 PDT
If you are into backyard poultry, or even birds, I don't recommend using  
Sluggo.  A few years ago 3 of my large chickens pecked into an unopened bag  
of sluggo right beside me.  They ate away for a few minutes before I  
noticed what they were doing.   One died that day, the second died  three days 
later and the third died three weeks later after suffering  horribly.  
Comparing their size and how much they could have eaten in that  short amount of 
time, I'm guessing a bird wouldn't have to eat much at all to  die from it.  
If you read the directions on the bag, it does not say scatter liberally  
which is what most of us do when we are furious about snails and slugs eating 
 our prized plants.  It says to use it sparingly.  
It's just like spraying for one pest and wondering why you don't have any  
bees or butterflies in your garden any more.
My husband is a beekeeper.  I react strongly to bee stings so to keep  me 
from weeding in front of his hives he placed clean carpet scraps in front of  
them to keep the weeds down.  On the days when the neighbors have a pest  
truck spraying their property we find 400 - 700 dead bees on the carpet in 
the  evening.  We would never have noticed this if we had left the area in 
dirt  and weeds.  So my unscientific opinion is that colony collapse disorder 
is  caused by several things including most people randomly spraying toxins 
to get  rid of one thing but harming lots of other things in the process.

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