Hippeastrum Winter Care

Judy Glattstein jgglatt@gmail.com
Wed, 15 Sep 2010 12:55:48 PDT
  Suggestions please. These are far too many pots of "commercial" 
hippeastrum - Red Lion, Charisma, Apple Blossom and the like. They've 
been outdoors and ignored most of the summer. Many are seriously 
underpotted. Bulbs have four, five, or six big strappy leaves. Oh yes, 
somehow there are three pots of Amarcrinum too. Occasionally watered in 
worst of drought but not fertilized.

Last night is got down to 49.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

This afternoon I wheeled two cart's worth of pots and just stood them 
around in the greenhouse (which is not yet ready for winter.) Shade 
cloth is still up inside.

Previously I've done various things, such as -

A) Unpot, shake off dirt, roll in newspaper and lay sideways in 
basement. Leaves eventually give up and wither. Pot up when bringing 
them into growth in a few months.

B) Stand pots, as is, on floor of greenhouse and allow leaves to remain 
green. Water occasionally.

C) Stand pots under benches in greenhouse, do not unpot, do not water, 
in attempt to force dormancy but not as aggressively as A)

I'm leaning towards A) because I could repot into larger-as-needed pots 
at that time. If I do it now I'm concerned that I'll encourage new burst 
of leaf growth at the expense of flowers.

Judy in New jersey where we have received a smidgen (as in 1/2 inch) of 
rain. Today, however, is bright, brisk, and breezy

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