Lapageria rosea

Jim McKenney
Fri, 17 Sep 2010 13:46:18 PDT
Add my name to the list of those attempting Lapageria here in the East. 


I’m waiting for my seeds to germinate. Here’s the regimen I’m going to
attempt: the plants will be in one of the protected cold frames. They will
be allowed to climb out of the cold frame during the summer; during the late
fall they will be taken down and the vines neatly coiled into a circle and
tucked into the cold frame. This way they will be able to photosynthesize
during the winter (which with fall is the major season of growth for this


Summer treatment will be dry-ish soil throughout the summer (when I assume
the plants are largely dormant).  


How dry is dry-ish? I’m not sure: I’ll watch the foliage and water if it
shows signs of distress. 


Are any of you Lapageria enthusiasts also growing Philesia magellanica
(Justin, how are your plants doing?).


Jim McKenney

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