Oporanthous bulbs off to a weak start

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Amen - I'm sick of this heat, and intense drought. (Northeastern Mass) I keep everything inside, though. 

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The season for oporanthous bulbs opened this week with Rhodophiala bifida,
Scilla/Bernardia japonica and an old garden form of Colchicum agrippinum
distributed by Jane McGary. The Rhodophiala is already gone for the year.
Other than those, there is nothing else to report. 


The Lycoris season was a bust here this year – virtually nothing bloomed
other than one or two L. squamigera. 


Bulbs of Amaryllis belladonna and Nerine sarniensis ‘Corusca Major’ are
plump, hard and evidently profoundly dormant. 


We were expecting a cold front this weekend, but the hurricane off the coast
upset that one: it remained very hot (over 80 degrees F and humid until well
into the night last night. By morning it had cooled off a bit down to 70, 


We have experienced a record-breaking number of days with temperatures over
90 degrees F this year – I’m sick of it. 


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