Amaryllis belladonna

James Waddick
Tue, 21 Sep 2010 17:40:46 PDT
>Has anyone outside of the "Mediterranean" climate had success with growing
>and blooming this one in the ground or in pots? What special things did you

Dear Dell,
	I feel your pain.
	I got a number of the Hannibal Amaryllis and crosses. I grew 
one to a 1 Gal nursery pot for years and despite a dozen or more 
bulbs of a variety and selections I never had a single bloom stalk. 
These were kept in a cool greenhouse and they grew poorly, then 
dormant in summer.

	One time, one bulb, one summer did bloom. It was exciting, 
but a freak. I think it was because it was a very dry summer- no 
sudden storms as are typical. It was a dry DRY pot in full sun. I 
think I may even have inverted a 2 gall black pot over it to really 
cook and dry  the pot.

	A few years ago I gave up and gave away all the bulbs because 
I never had a bloom since.

	Too much trouble.		Best		Jim

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