Update on the status of two favorite seed sources

Michael Mace mikemace@att.net
Sun, 05 Sep 2010 00:33:03 PDT


I wanted to let you know that I finished the update to the Sources list:


About 15 people contacted me privately with additions and edits to the list,
which was a great response.  Thanks for your help!  If you have more
updates, you're welcome to contact me anytime at my personal e-mail address


In the process of compiling the list, I felt obliged to leave off two
beloved suppliers for the moment, and I wanted to explain why.


--JJA Seeds was for years one of my favorite seed suppliers -- a source for
a huge variety of unusual seeds, not to mention entertaining commentary.
With the illness of Jim Archibald, the company's former sterling reputation
for customer service deteriorated.  I have seen reports online that the
company will be continued in the wake of his death, and I am very anxious to
hear how that goes.  If you order from them successfully in the next few
months, please let me know privately.  


--Northwest Native Seeds has been my favorite source for seeds of many
California bulbs.  Unfortunately, I was told by one PBS list member that the
proprietor, Ron Ratko, has retired and closed the company.  On the other
hand, another list member told me they thought he was still in business.  I
have tried several times to contact Ron directly, but I haven't received a
response, so for now I have removed NWNS from the list.  If you know for
sure that the company is still in operation, please let me know privately.


Between the problems with JJA and NWNS, it's possible that we now have no
commercial source for seeds of most California bulbs.  Not to mention that
Southwest Native Seed has stopped collecting in Mexico, leaving us without a
bulb seed source from there either.


I find this alarming and depressing.  I'm hoping some other ambitious seed
collector will pick up the torch.




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