Hardy gloxinia

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Boyce?  Why do you top-dress with powdered sulfur?  Is your soil alkaline? 

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>I am growing a species collected in China by the North American Rock
> Garden Society. I live in Grayslake, Illinois, which is about half way
> between Chicago and the Wisconsin border - USDA zone 5. Seeds were
> donated to me by Jim Shields.
> I can endorse the observation made by Ina. I had 2 or 3 seed lots
> germinate and planted over a dozen seedlings in the fertile soils of my
> vegetable garden. The dog chose that location to bask in the sun during
> winter - none survived.  The veggie garden is 20' deep by 80' long. The
> single remaining seedling in a seed flat was planted in a bed on the
> east side of the house in soil amended with peat moss and every other
> year top-dressed with powdered sulfur. Has come back for 6 years now.
> Dog still wants to lie in this location in winter time but some chicken
> wire encourages her to move aside. Theoretically, the roots may have
> some insecticidal properties since the only other plant treated in this
> fashion has been Thymus.
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>> Is anyone else out there growing I. delavayi or any other species of
> this
>> genus in the garden? Be sure to let me know where you are. And if you
> are in
>> eastern North America and are able to keep them from year to year in
> the
>> garden, I would like to know what you are doing.
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