Crocus banaticus and flower stems

James Waddick
Wed, 22 Sep 2010 11:31:03 PDT
Dear friends,

	It will soon (I hope) be bloom season for the fall sp. Cocus 
banaticus. In looking at 'The Crocus' by B. Mathew there's a pic 
clearly showing the flowering stems of this species emerging from 
around the outside of the corm.

	All other species are shown with the flowering stem emerging 
from the center of the corm. This is what I believe happens in all 

	I wonder if Mathew or the illustration is wrong or I am 
misinterpreting things. Are there any crocus that develop flowering 
stems on the outside of the corm direct from the basal plate? Do all 
crocus develop their flowers from the center of the corm? Confused.

	And on another related topic. Has anything been discovered 
about the true ID and source of Crous boissierii?

		Thanks to all	Jim W.
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