Colchicum Emerging

Matt Mattus
Sun, 05 Sep 2010 07:26:31 PDT
Yesterday I noticed that one clump of my Colchicum (unknown species) is up
too...and they we're quickly terminated by our wandering flock of Indian
Runner Ducks, who can't resist the purple color I think. I doubt they are
eating them, just tearing at them. They did this last year too, to another
drift of bulbs.

Which reminds me of my Hemerocallis breeding days, seeing that Colchicine is
extracted from this plant, is there any toxicity issues to be aware of?
My other Colchicum species ( the ones I do know the names of) are not
showing buds yet, maybe this week.


Matt Mattus

On 9/5/10 9:20 AM, "Judy Glattstein" <> wrote:

>   Yesterday I noticed the first blossom tips of Colchicum emerging from
> the ground. Until they flower I'm not certain whether they are C.
> autumnale or C. speciosum. Whichever, they are - though another sign of
> waning summer - welcome.
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