Mystery bulbs

Floral Architecture
Wed, 08 Sep 2010 14:11:25 PDT
I posted the link on the gersneriphiles list to see if someone recognizes the 
Sinningia as it isn't one I grow. I got the following response from Ron Myhr 
(owner of these web links):

"At first I thought this might be S. aggregata
(, but the color wasn't quite right.
Then S. warmingii (, but that doesn't
seem quite right either.  Possibly a hybrid, or something else, but
similar to these."

I would vote for aggregata since the comment about the scented foliage. I would 
be very intrerested to try growing this one here. Any selfed seed available?? I 
have plenty others to trade for it. Hint, hint. 

 John Ingram in Camarillo, CA, between Santa Barbara and L.A. "Your Clivia Connection"
New number >>> 805.914.9505 (cell, west coast time, please call accordingly. 
Thank you) 

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