Mystery Sinningia

Floral Architecture
Thu, 09 Sep 2010 12:28:39 PDT
Here are a couple posts from others:  

 From Alan LaVergne:

"S. aggregata, which has a range of flower colors and a habit closely 
resembling that in the picture, is a plausible identification.  Its 
leaves are often fragrant, although I wouldn't characterize the texture 
as "velvet", more like "sticky".  The geographical range of S. aggregata 
includes Paran?, Santa Catarina, and S?o Paulo states in Brazil 
(information courtesy of Gesneriad World Checklist).

S. warmingii and S. valsuganensis are eliminated by the way the flowers 
are borne.  These species have a terminal inflorescence rather than 
flowering primarily in the leaf axils as shown in the PBS picture.

The habit (but not the flower) is reminiscent of S. 'Apricot Bouquet', 
an S. aggregata descendant."

and John Boggan:

"The plant is nearly identical to the Sinningia aggregata I grew at Cornell 20 
or so years ago and the lemony fragrance of the foliage is very characteristic 
for this species."

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