more xA.belladonna ... is this one worth saving?

Mon, 13 Sep 2010 15:48:47 PDT
I've enjoyed the discussion on Amaryllis belladonna breeding, thank you Michael Mace, Jim Likos and others.
5 years ago, I threw a bunch of excess seed into a weedy area of my yard (well ... weedier than the rest of the yard) and several of the resultant bulbs are now blooming.  One plant seems to produce larger flowers than all the others in my yard ... almost 6 inches / 15-16cm across.  All my others range from about 3-4.5 inches across, so, unusual for my yard anyway, where I generally don't provide additional irrigation throughout the summer.   Is this unusually large for A.belladonna in general?  Should I save this bulb or add it to my rebel/stealth plantings along the highway?
San Diego

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