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Pamela Slate
Sun, 19 Sep 2010 10:26:47 PDT
Dear PBSers,
I've had a flowering size C. miniata yellow-flowered hybrid for five years 
and it and I are both ready for it to flower in the coming season.  When I 
intially transplanted it after it flowered five years ago, in the subsequent 
months, the leaf tips turned brown and crisp so I unpotted it and found 
sowbugs/pillbugs munching on the roots.  I apparently didn't "get" all the 
critters the first time and had to repot again in the following year.  At each 
repotting I treated the roots with a mild bleach solution.  It has produced 
healthy leaves since, now numbering 23.  Although not sure, I believe the plant 
orginated from San Marcos Growers.

The potting mix consists of about 30% pumice mixed with sandy loam and a 
generous dose of compost plus Osmocote 15-9-12 plus 9 (the orange jug).  I water 
with Schultz liquid 2-7-7 Plus Cactus food alternating with Schultz liquid 
10-15-10 Plus.  Drainage is excellent.  Light in the location is bright but the 
plant is not directly in the sunny southeast facing window.

When the weather cools sufficiently - probably October/November - I'll set it 
out for a month.  Is it correct to withhold water during that month?  And when 
I bring it inside, what water and fertilizing regime is best to promote 
flowering?  Would that fertilizer be the same one to use throughout the growing 
season or is a different one recommended after flowering?  How often can I 

All suggestions from you Clivia experts are much appreciated.

Zone 9, give or take, where it's much too hot for Clivia to live outdoors 
throughout the year.
 Pamela Slate
P.O. Box 5316
Carefree AZ 85377 


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