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Fri, 17 Sep 2010 19:27:03 PDT
Hi Alessandro,

That is a dramatic image you sent! Thanks. Dark red soils like that were
present in La Rioja and Salta Province, well to the south but  I saw no
bulbs there, only cacti. But northwest Argentina is a large place and it is
quite possible to miss some sites. I also note that there is vegetative
growth at the base with the plants in full bloom, which I did not see. And I
never saw these bulbs appear in clumps. In spite of those features I was
about ready to say that you have provided a good ID. However, without being
able to see within the throat of the corolla I went back to the previous IBS
page where I saw that H. aurea had stamens fully displayed and exserted. So,
to get more info on Hieronymiella (not a genus I know much about!) I did an
search at the Kew Catalogue of Life 2009. There, H. argentina is described
as synonymous with H. marginata. Hoping to find an image I searched 'all
Kew' and found an article by Alan Meerow
htm  ). In that article the genus is briefly referred to and, more
important, there is an image of H. marginata. The image is nothing like
either what I saw in the field or in the image you sent of 'H. argentinum'
(must have slipped past the proof reader!). So, it seems that, with regard
to H. argentina, either Kew is making a mistake or IBS is.

It may be that the people who took that dramatic image, misidentified it.
There is another species of the area, H. angustissimum, in the Kew list, but
no image is provided. That name would at least be a good name for the
species (very narrow), in reference to the flowers.

I think we should look a little further, Alessandro. Maybe contacting
Meerow, who does know something about these amaryllids. If there is someone
on the list who knows him better than I, maybe they'd be willing. If not, I
can give it a try.

Andrew Wilson
San Diego

Hi Andrtew
A photo to be available in IBS
Alessandro Marinello
Padova Italy

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