Minimum temp for Nerine

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 02 Sep 2010 08:42:55 PDT
As listed in Cape Plants Nerine sarniensis is found on rocky slopes 
from Citrusdal to Caledon which is a very broad area with different 
amounts of rainfall. And the color Encyclopedia says "shaded" rocky 
slopes in loamy soil. This would include an area that even gets a 
little rainfall in summer. Cameron McMaster supplied a photo on the 
wiki of one found in the wild that was blooming after a fire. Plants 
were shown growing out of an opening in rocks. So at least that one 
would collect extra rainfall and have some protection in summer from 
hot temperatures from the rocks.

Jim, the California coast wouldn't be described as "very hot" in 
summer and certainly not this summer when we've only had a handful of 
hot days. Most of us who live on the coast don't even have air 
conditioning.  (It also cools off significantly most nights in 
summer) so there is the range of temperature changes that Mike was 
saying that are needed for bloom. The warmest temperatures often 
occur in fall since the fog in summer keeps things cool. We call it 
nature's air conditioning. There is a famous quote from Mark Twain 
about one of his coldest winters was the summer he spent in San 
Francisco. And not all of it is semi-desert as there is much more 
rainfall the farther north you go, which is the reverse of the 
western Cape in South Africa where there is more rainfall in the 
southwest Cape than in the north. It certainly isn't semi-desert 
where I live as there are a lot of trees. I move my Nerines into the 
greenhouse so they will get warmer in summer (at least for a few hours.)

I'll add a few more notes on Nerine culture from past messages in 
another email.

Mary Sue
>The area in South Africa where Nerine sarniensis occurs in the wild 
>gets very dry and very hot in summer.  It is semi-desert.  They 
>should be able to take some heat when dry.  They get their bit of 
>rainfall in winter.  Sound's like the California coast to me.

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