Loss of suppliers

Robin Hansen hansennursery@coosnet.com
Sun, 19 Sep 2010 09:45:08 PDT
Well, Dennis has a point, up to a point.  If you occasionally buy a large variety of seed, the search, retrieve, decision, etc. process for using e-bay or whatever else is out there becomes very very tedious.  If you have dial-up as I do, the process is not meaningfully in any way.  Frontier says they will be upgrading our dial-up to high speed "soon" for what that's worth.

Quite frankly, the fastest search is paper at your fingertips, and the printed page shows all sorts of relationships instantly, whereas paging through one link after another is, too soon, incredibly tedious.
If you have a bum neck like me, sitting in front of a computer screen is  in no way a necessity and quite often painful.

Then there is the issue of reliably viable seed.  It seems to me that you have a lot of amateurs involved in selling anything on e-bay.  I need trusted reliable sources year after year.  I can't tell you how  many times I've received seed from botanic gardens that is mislabeled, so I had come to rely on Ron Ratko who positively knows what he's doing.

Robin Hansen
Hansen Nursery

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