Traveling To South America, Advice?

Shelley GAGE
Sun, 26 Sep 2010 04:37:45 PDT
Dear Josh,
I had a similar request before I attended the Palm Conference in Rio de Janiero in April and had one response from Jane McGary who had been to Chile. Since I have been back, there was a posting fron Mariano in Argentina who could be a contact. You could try contacting Harri Lorenzi who was our guide on the Minas Gerais post tour and a wealth of information on indigenous plants and palms in particular.  email 
During the whole trip I saw one single bulb in the field which was out of season. I plan to return to South America for a much longer stay to look for bulbs in the field so I hope you will update us as you go._Shelley Gage____________________
I have copied a posting from Mariano in case you missed it.
THANKS Lee (Poulsen) and James (Frelichowski) for your nice words!.
Of course it would be a pleasure for me to meet any of the members who takes part of this fascinating mailing list, when coming to Argentina. Discussions on plants, among an endless list of things, with a hot chocolate (we are in winter here now), some argentinean “Alfajores” and one of our best “Dulce de Leche”, would be part of another unforgettable meeting in Buenos Aires.
Although I am not very well known in this Forum and have posted just a couple of messages, I have been reading every single topic of the PBS mailing list for some years now. Of course I wrote lately concerning H. arboricolum, because Hippeastrum is one of my favorite bulbous genus within Amarilidaceae and the one, among others, I grow and study in my small greenhouse in Buenos Aires. Taking this into account, any questions concerning Hippeastrum will be willingly welcomed here, or by private messages to my Yahoo e-mail.
My warmest greetings from a freezing winter night in B.A!
Take care, Mariano Saviello
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