All My Hippeastrum Seedlings Were Devoured!

Del Allegood
Sat, 18 Sep 2010 07:28:51 PDT
Put flourescent light over them, three to four inches away,twenty four hours a 
day. Rake back the medium,so that the little bulbs are exposed at their tops. 
You might be able to salvage some of them. I have been somewhat successful doing 
this. I have had tremendous problems with all kinds of plant eaters this year.

From: Josh Young <>
To: PBS List <>; International Bulb Society 
Sent: Fri, September 17, 2010 9:22:24 PM
Subject: [pbs] All My Hippeastrum Seedlings Were Devoured!

Hi Guys,

    So this morning I awoke to see that several of my pots of Hippeastrum 
seedlings had been a midnight snack for several caterpillars.   I hope they 
enjoyed their hamdonii sandwhich with a side of psittacinum puddingand a large 
diet calyptra-cola!  

    Seriously tho, they ate all the seedlings to the ground, I had several 
gallon pots with maybe 15 or more seedlings in each, how can I keep this from 
happening again without jeopardizing the seedlings themselves?  I had aulicum, 
blossfeldiae, calyptratum, cybister, mandonii, morelianum, glaucescens and 
psittacinum and all are gone.  




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